Words and the design process

by Biz Sanford September 08, 2017

When it comes to building products, some people think of content as a final flourish, words on a page or screen that can be written just before launch. But we know that’s not the best way to do it! Thoughtful, consistent interface content is a core element of a well-designed user experience.

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Writing thoughtful product content at scale

by Biz Sanford November 15, 2016

Every day at Shopify, thousands of people write content that our merchants will see. That’s pretty awesome. But it’s also pretty scary because we want our product to have good content, the kind of content that helps users accomplish their tasks.

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Product content strategy at Shopify

by Biz Sanford April 11, 2016

Establishing a content strategy team from scratch is a challenge — especially in a product company with no existing content processes. Since January 2015, we’ve been hard at work building a product content strategy team, and we’d like to tell you what we’ve learned along the way.

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